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What is Locle?

Locle is an easy, free application that lets you find your friends on your mobile without the need for GPS.

You can access Locle on a mobile phone ( or from a PC (

Locle is similar to Bebo, MySpace or Facebook : you can connect with friends and send them messages. But Locle does more: it lets you discover where your friends are. The thing about Locle is that you share your location only with people you have selected. And of course, if you don’t want friends to find you, you can temporarily disable it until you’re feeling more sociable.


Why would I use Locle?

It is Saturday night, you’re heading out. You’re meeting friends but you also want to see if other friends are about. Go to, check if any of your friends are already in town, and send them a message that you’re on your way. Done. Or, let’s say you are already in town, your mates are going home but you want to stay out and have more fun. You don’t want to randomly call all your friends to find out that they are all asleep, so you go to and check if any of them are around. Your night continues…


How do I get started?

You can register for free on


Using Locle on your mobile phone:

Once you have downloaded Locle Mini (here:, you can install it and let it check the cell tower that your phone connects to and let it periodically send updates of your location to your Locle account.

From the Locle Mini application, you can choose Go Locle! from the menu, this sends you to where you log on and see a map of where you are as well as a list of friends that are near you.


Using Locle on your PC:

When you log on to Locle on a PC, Locle will show you the location of your friends, in relation to your last location. You can of course update your location manually on the website. The functions are similar to what you would see on your phone, except the map is bigger and it is easier to type messages.

If you are not interested in sharing your location all the time, you can also just use the manual entry option. This can be done on both and

All you need to do is choose ‘update manually’, type in the address and help Locle select where that is by choosing one of the options. On, we’ve made it even easier: You can just drag the yellow pinpoint and drop it on the location you want to show.


Adding Friends

When you first register, we guide you through the steps to invite or search for friends. You can find them based on their phone number, name or email. If you have friends who aren’t registered, you can invite them by typing in their number or email address. If you use Facebook, Locle can also retrieve your Facebook friend list.



As already mentioned, you share your location only with those people that you have selected. Locle doesn’t let people see your location unless you have invited them or selected them. We let you block people and delete people from your friends list.


What does it cost?

Locle uses your mobile’s internet connection to tell you where you are. If you don’t have a data plan with your phone, this can be costly. Most mobile companies charge up to 1 euro a day on pre-paid phones. If you have a data plan, you don’t have to worry as Locle uses only a tiny amount of data to connect and is optimized for use with a mobile phone. In summary, using Locle regularly won’t use too much of your monthly data allowance.


What else is available?

At the moment, you can import your Facebook friends and invite them to use Locle. In the future, we are hoping to help you connect with your Bebo friends, Twitter followers and many more.

In the near future, Locle will to tell you about new bars and restaurants opening near you or about shops nearby having a sale. If you’re not interested in this facility, you can of course opt out. We might find you a middle ground, like browsing local news (Locle News, we’ll call it), weather updates or other interesting content. In the meantime, we’re working on continuously improving Locle, so keep checking back here.


For the tech-savvy, how does Locle find you?

Your phone establishes a connection to a mobile network by way of connecting to different cell towers around you. Each of these towers has an identifier, your mobile lets Locle know which one you’re using, Locle tells you where that tower is and which one of your friends is nearby.



These two companies have helped Locle to get where we are:

Agile Technologies – did all the complicated technical stuff that we hardly understand ourselves – We think Jerome is the best graphic designer around. He’s the one who came up with our logo. Yes, they are trees, not table tennis bats. Why trees? Everyone likes trees, right?